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10 Best Digital Nomad Community You Should Join

It is a wonderful way to work in a digital nomad community. There are many advantages to such independent jobs. It gives a number of opportunities to the employees. Traveling the world is one of the opportunities.

Benefit of nomad trips

There is a number of benefits which a person can enjoy as a nomad. These benefits include.

  • The Internet is necessary as well as important for the digital nomads. This can help people to get the sources of the countries. Strong internet will help you to work properly.
  • This opportunity will help you to meet different people of the same interests and it will help you to make different and a number of contacts. These contacts may help you in your future life.
  • This opportunity will not only help you to work but also discover the place in which you are working in.

Drawbacks of nomad trips

These nomads trips will not only give you benefits a way to improve your living standards but it has also some drawbacks that you should keep in mind before going for a digital nomad trip. These nomad trips include:

  • These nomad programs can be proved expensive. These programs need a fee of the application as well as give no guarantee.
  • These programs provide limited seats so it is not easy for everyone to participate in this programs.
  • There might be some limitations that do not let you free to do the work you actually want to do. You are restricted to follow the instruction even if they are not according to you.


Digital nomad community


Famous digital nomad programs

There is a number of famous digital nomad programs that you can check. Here are some of the important programs.


It is one of the right places for the digital nomad. It helps you to visit a new country every year. These help people to participate in social activates. You can visit new places as well as perform social activities. It is a great opportunity for the people who do local business. These activities will help you to learn as well as to grow in different concerns. There is a number of options and programs for one, four as well as twelve months. The cost of this program starts at $1,250.


This program gives the opportunity to people who can work as well as travel to different places. This platform provides programs which range from two weeks to three months. It is a good opportunity for people that are designers, entrepreneurs as well as developers. These people can work individually as well as in groups. These programs give the opportunity to a group of people that include almost 20-30 people. These people enjoy the opportunity to visit different countries like Europe, Latin America as well as Asia. The cost of this program ranges from $500 to $1980.


This platform gives people an opportunity to live with people with the same mindset. It gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs to work more effectively and help to adventure the places they visit.  This platform provides an opportunity to people for short time limit. The time period includes a trip of five to fifteen days. You can visit the places like Nepal, Russia, Morocco as well as North Korea. The cost of this trip starts at $1,700.


This platform gives you an opportunity to visit and explore new environments. This platform organizes a program that includes the opportunities of the internet, coaching, accommodation as well as transport. You can take you to the places where you can get stress free. Through this program, you can visit a new place every month. This program costs $1,950 for six months duration. It is the best opportunity for people who want to work with the digital nomad community.


This is different than other digital nomad programs. The difference is that it helps you to buy the membership as well. This platform gives an opportunity to 12-18 professionals every month to visit a new place. The cost of this program starts at $800 that is on the basis of a shared room. A trip with a private room costs $1,400.


This program is similar to that of “The Remote Year. It provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs as well as professionals to travel and work together. This platform gives an opportunity for the members to visit places that include Europe, Southeast Asia as well as Latin America. This platform provides different opportunities that include the space for office, accommodation, different events as well as insurance. The cost of this program is about $2000 per month.


This is a kind of program that is not for profit. This platform gives an opportunity to almost 18 entrepreneurs to spend almost three weeks in the places in Mauritius. This platform gives an opportunity to explore the places as per your choice. You can make fun. The cost of the program varies from $2,800 to almost $4,350 for the whole program.


This is a place where you can find working professionals and the students who can work together. This platform provides different facilities to the people who join this program that include the space for work as well as accommodation. This platform provides an opportunity to visit the places like Mexico, Cambodia, Bali, and Thailand.  The cost of this programs is almost $1,295.

  • WY_CO

This platform gives an opportunity to 50-100 people from all around the world to visit a new place every month. The cost of this program includes almost $2,000 with a private room.


This platform takes 12 entrepreneurs with it who live in a common place for a month. This is a great opportunity for people to learn from each other. The program costs almost $3,080. The platform different opportunities that include breakfast as well as dinner, accommodation and a space to work.  

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