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10 best volunteering platforms available on web

10 best volunteering platforms available on the web

In this modern era, people have numerous ways to stay connected through volunteering platforms. Technology has provided human beings with a lot of platforms where people can stay in contact with each other. Technology has given people with different opportunities to serve each other. These opportunities help humans to enrich themselves with various skills.

Volunteering is a way to help people in different ways. In the rapidly growing technology age, there are different opportunities on the web as well on the internet to avail volunteering opportunities. There are different volunteering websites. These websites help people to grow in different ways. These websites in enhancing different skills and experience. These websites are increasing day by day by keeping in mind the need, demand, and desire of people. People utilize their spare time and energy in these volunteering activities.

Here are 10 of the best volunteering platforms available on the internet.

UN Volunteer

The United Nations provides the best volunteering services in the areas where there is dire need of these activities through UN Volunteer. UN runs different peace-keeping programs. It also provides development platforms and Humanitarian operations in the areas where there is a need for development. People who are interested in different volunteering projects but cannot run such projects or can travel around the world can avail these online opportunities to fulfill their desires to do volunteering. People can edit or modify the proposals to enhance the opportunities to provide water solutions to the world.

Image Credit – UN Volunteers


Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match also provides a person with different volunteering opportunities. It provides you the opportunity to work on the option you like the most. There is “I Care About” box. A person can anything in that box about which he is interested. This website helps everyone to grow through these volunteering activities. This encourages people of all ages without any discrimination of age or gender. A lot of people avail of this platform to fulfill their desire to volunteer for the sake of helping others.

Volunteer Match


Do Something

Do Something is an amazing platform. It resolves the issue of the people around the world which people face on daily basis. Issues like poverty, racial issues, health problems and other sanitary issues are resolved on this platform. This platform provides different creative and innovative projects for deserving people. Do Something provides an opportunity for youngsters to select a platform of their choice. On this platform, a person has to fulfill different columns which include the cause, time and type. By fulfilling these columns, a person can do volunteering of his own choice. Do Something provides different scholarships to people to do volunteering. By applying to this platform, a person can travel freely. Do Something provides six categories in 131 different countries. This platform provides the opportunities of education in the under-developed countries. This platform helps to minimize the poverty level in the world.

Catch A Fire

Catch A Fire is also one of the best platforms for volunteers. This platform helps the best-skilled persons to use their skills in the best manner to work for the progress of the world. The website provides different platforms like finance, Human Resource, Information Technology and other platforms to help people in getting people to experience in their presentation skills. This is a skill-based platform. A person has to use his time and skill to make use of this platform. This platform provides an opportunity for numerous people to improve their skills and to be more experienced to make this world better.

Volunteer HQ

Volunteer HQ provides the people an opportunity to volunteer abroad. This platform provides different volunteer projects in forty different countries. It provides different people from different countries to work together for the different purposes at different places. It takes the volunteers to the underdeveloped countries and helps them to improve foreir living standards. VolunteerHQ provides one of the largest as well as the biggest platform for volunteers. This platform arranges the different international programs for volunteering. The founder of this platform was also a volunteer who belonged to Australia. This platform helps the volunteers in getting a visa as well as the accommodation. The cost starts for this project from $180 and then shows the variation and depends upon the duration of stay.  

African Impact

Africa needs more volunteering projects than the other countries. AfricanImpact is one of the best volunteering platforms for the volunteers. In this project, people find four different projects in 11 different African countries. It provides different opportunities as well as facilities to the volunteers. People can participate individually as well as in groups for the betterment of humanity. By choosing a volunteering program through this platform, a person can enhance his experience. Through this platform, people get a chance to live with African people and to watch the difficulties they face in their daily lives. This project helps in learning different things. Volunteer learns African culture by learning other things. The budget for this volunteering program varies from $1000 to $5000 and it varies due to the period of stay.

Help Stay

Help Stay helps the volunteers to move abroad for volunteering activities. It is an interesting concept. For doing volunteer activities in a foreign country provides volunteer t accommodate free with the volunteers. It helps the volunteers to learn different things that include languages, cultures, and traditions. A person can improve the living standards of other people through volunteering activities. This volunteering platform provides different projects for the volunteers. These projects are to make developments in different sectors. These projects include teaching, language learning, animals and environment programs, development programs etc. The budget for this volunteering platform depends upon the stay of a person.

Taproot Foundation

It resembles CatchFire volunteering platform. It gives professionals an opportunity to work on social projects for the betterment of the society. Volunteers can create a positive impact by providing their volunteering services. This platform helps to grow their skills and stay motivated. This volunteering platform is running 42 different organizations in thirty countries. Taproot Foundation works as a mediator and connects passionate volunteers with different volunteering organizations.

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