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How to donate online to charity around the world

donate online to charity

Why you should donate online to charity? As the matter of the fact, there are wide range of companies and the platforms that have been able to ensure the activity of donating online to charity. You can engage in the activity of donating online for the purpose of charity with ...

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7 Best Ways To Donate For Charity

Donate for charity

Charity means to take initiatives to support society by donating money to poor people as well as to build it by helping it in many different ways. People collect money to help people who need their help. There is a number of organizations that take part in helping the societies ...

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What is a philanthropist ?


Philanthropy What is a philanthropist? The word philanthropy has been derived from two Greek words,”Philos” and “Anthropos”. Philos means to love and Anthropos means humanity. Philanthropy is a concept that is quite different from charity. Philanthropy’s main purpose is to eradicate the social problems from the society to make the ...

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