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What is a philanthropist ?


What is a philanthropist? The word philanthropy has been derived from two Greek words,”Philos” and “Anthropos”. Philos means to love and Anthropos means humanity. Philanthropy is a concept that is quite different from charity. Philanthropy’s main purpose is to eradicate the social problems from the society to make the society better for a living. A person who does philanthropy is known as a philanthropist. The main purpose of philanthropy is to help mankind by eradicating the social evils of society.

Charity means only to provide money to the people who are suffering while philanthropy is to help mankind in all aspects.

History Of Philanthropy

Philanthropy was started a thousand years ago. It was started due to many reasons. It was started mainly to help the humanity. Some people started philanthropy to save humanity and some started it to take prestige as well as power in the society.

Philanthropy In Old Civilizations

In China. People started to help the needy people around 4000 years ago. These helped the poor as well as the needy people. They started to support the widows and the orphans to take them out of their miserable lives and help them to live a peaceful and good life like others. Hebrews used to donate one-tenth part of their income to please the Gods by helping the humanity. This created a balance between people and this is the best way through which balance in a society can be brought. In different religious books, there are numerous examples of philanthropy.

History Of Philanthropy In America 

In America, Native Americans took the initiative of helping others. Through them, the culture of philanthropy rapidly increased among people. People felt good in helping others. This made them more generous. Philanthropists help in strengthening the society. People usually do it for the benefit of other people. Sometimes, people do such acts to gain fame.




History Of Philanthropy In Europe

When European civilizations colonized America, they started philanthropy thereby helping the Americans by educating them and by giving financial aid to the ones who need it badly. Through such activities, they wanted to make Americans a civilized nation. They helped them religiously as well by helping them to know about Christianity and to help them to convert to Christianity. This was to make them aware of the way of living. This thing made the Americans more civilized and now we can see America as a most civilized and developed nation.  

Philanthropists And Modern Era

In the Civil War, people presented various services as philanthropy. They served the wounded people as well as educated the people who need it. Women helped to cure the wounded people. They can also work for the soldiers in different ways. People were given the religious education in order to make them civilized. In the Great Depression, people suffered a lot and were in search of food as well as shelter. Wealthy provided them with the basic necessities. People started to do more charity as they became richer over time.

In World War 2, people again suffered a lot. In America, President Roosevelt encouraged the nation to help each other in the time of difficulty. Different NGOs have been made till now. The main purpose of these organization is to help the needy ones. This does not only mean to provide money but to help the people in any way that is possible for them.

These NGOs help the people to improve their standards of living. These risks are for the betterment of the societies. There is the number of opportunities for philanthropy for people who want to help the societies. This is to improve the values of the societies.

Role Of Philanthropist 

Philanthropists help in building societies. People help each other in and it could be morally as well as financially. People helped the uncivilized people to get civilized. In the old era, people helped the others to convert their religions to be more civilized than before. Philanthropists help the people to get cured of the deadly diseases. They help the suffering and miserable ones to forget their problems by creating ways for improvement of living standards of such people.

Philanthropists help the other people to live happily as well as peacefully. People like Mother Terrassa, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates use different ways to improve the standards of living of people around them. They used their money, time as well as energies just to save the humanity.

Importance Of Philanthropist 

The philanthropist is an important part of society. It can be done in many different ways. Philanthropy has gained importance in democratic nations. It spread the vision of equality among others. Philanthropists spread education among the ones that are deprived of the facilities to get the education. Philanthropists also helped the people suffering from deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS. These things proved fruitful for the development of the societies.

Philanthropy is a way of living in a better manner. It is not at an individual like charity but at the collective level. It helps the suffering societies like to help people in famines. To eradicate hunger as well as malnutrition comes in philanthropy. As Mark Zuckerberg donates money for the betterment of societies.

Philanthropists take risks which impacts positively on the society. It improves the societies geographically as well as ethically. People can provide different services in the form of food, time and attention. In this era, the media plays an important role in helping societies. It helps to highlight the issues of the societies. It has helped various societies to contact one another. In this way, wealthy people from different societies get aware of their need in the places where they should go and improve the standards of living.

They utilize their wealth and time in the places where there is an actual need for help. All of these activities work amazingly of the societies. These actually improve the humanity levels in standards. People in groups and families help to improve the standards of living of other people. An individual can perform philanthropy acts.

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