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Pro Bono Consulting

What is Pro Bono Consulting? Why should i do Pro Bono Consulting?

What is Pro Bono Consulting?

Pro bono has been derived from the Latin word that means for the betterment of the public. Pro bono is concerned with the legal profession. In pro bono services, for the benefit of the public, services are often offered free or sometimes they are charged. Pro bono services are referred to the professional services.
Pro bono services need individuals of the professional level to provide their professional services. Secondly, it is all about skills. A highly proficient can present his services for pro bono. These services are for the betterment of the society and help the people who cannot afford to travel or consult the professionals.

Pro bono consulting sector is a wide sector as it covers all the professionals and their services. Professionals can contribute their services for pro bono services are considered worthy. Pro bono services help in the growth of experience as well as knowledge. These services help a person to get more professional and open a gateway to his career path. The professionals who offer their services in order to enhance their experience as well as for their inner satisfaction. A person who is ready to take challenges can go for pro bono services. Mostly pro bono services need the services of a person for 10-12 hours per week.

Pro bono services give an opportunity to a person to try something new. It helps to create an exposure to increase your knowledge as well as your experience. A number of countries eagerly use pro bono services to motivate the large organizations to work for the betterment of the society. In most of the companies, services of lawyers and bankers are taken as pro bono services for the people who cannot afford to go to any professional for help.

Difference between volunteering services and Pro Bono Services

In volunteering, a person offers his skills or services for a free while in pro bono services are the professional services and usually, a pro bono person is paid for his services. In simple volunteering, any skill can be presented for the service of people while in pro bono consulting services specific skills are provided to the people who cannot afford fee of the professionals. Persons who offer volunteer services, they offer them for free while in pro bono, people present their services with some charges. Pro bono services are quite different in nature from common volunteering services.


Pro Bono Consulting


Why a person does Pro Bono Consulting?

Being a professional, it is good to donate your time and energies to pro bono services. There is a number of organizations who need professionals instead of non-professional volunteers in order to accomplish their tasks. Usually, people present their skills for pro bono services to build up their resumes.
If a person is passionate enough to keep on doing more than his usual job and has enough time, he can go for pro bono services. Time is essential for such jobs as only a person having leisure can use these service better. A determination is another ingredient which is needed for pro bono services. A determined person will never be satisfied with less, he will keep on making routes for his career.

Things to consider before starting Pro Bono services

  • There is a number of things which a person should consider before going for pro bono services.
    The first thing is to consider is the authenticity of the organization for which you are going to work. You can search for the best organizations. You can contact the authorities of the organization. You can visit the place yourself. You can meet the people who have worked earlier for the same organization. This will help you to get more details about the organization.
  • A person needs to focus on the area of his expertise before presenting his services for pro bono. Experience is essential for pro bono services. It does not mean that a person should have an experience of ten to twelve years or more but he must be proficient enough in his work. Any skill can come under this line which may include communication skills, artistic skills or any technical skills etc.
  • There must be done and have the policy. If you are going to get benefit from the pro bono organization, you have to devote your services in return. You must search for the organization which exactly go with your skills. This will help you to utilize your time and energies in a better way. It would increase your interest as well as your efficiency.
  • You need to do proper paperwork before working with any organization. This will help you from any damages in the future. You can check the terms and conditions of the organization and they will help either you can serve the organization or not.
  • You must think before applying. You need to think about not only the services that you can provide but also the time. You should carefully decide that how much time you can donate for these services. You need to check your availability.
  • The best thing you can do is to meet the representative of the organization in person first in order to eradicate all the doubts you have in your mind. It would help you to discuss the things in detail. You can discuss your concerns about the organization and many more thing you want to discuss.
  • You can ask pro bono organization to provide their feedback about your services. This will enhance your credibility. It will help to enhance your professionalism. You can stay in touch with authorities for future projects where your services can be fruitful for mankind.

Global Pro Bono Network

Usually, the countries look for pro bono services but there is also a platform which may help different nations to keep in contact with each other. This platform helps in the promotion of skills and knowledge of individuals all over the world. It helps the individuals to grow in their areas of expertise. It provides individuals with a platform to link the people around the globe.

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