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Benefits of volunteering

What is Volunteering? What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is an activity in which a person only wants to help an individual or a group of helpless people without having any intention to get compensated or privileged by anyway.  Volunteering is a job in which a person does not get any compensation in return for services he provides to the organization. Volunteers serve their services to the society and do not get anything in return. Volunteers help to build up the society. They want to make this world better place for living. This act helps in the development of a society. There are numerous benefits of volunteering.

History of volunteering

Volunteering has a long history and started in the 1630s when people started to present themselves in military operations as volunteers. These volunteers were paid for their services. In the 19th century, it became more common as people in America stood against slavery and in Civil War, women presented them as volunteers to help the people suffering due to the war. In 1881, American Red Cross was founded with the help of people. In the 20th century, this idea gradually spread out in the whole world. In 20th and 21st centuries, a different organization was formed in the world for the service of mankind. There are numerous benefits of volunteering that is why it keeps on spreading.

Types of volunteering 

There are different types of volunteering. These types are to help the mankind and are also come in benefits of volunteering. Here are some of the types of the examples of volunteering


Climate issues need volunteers to help people. In case of natural disasters, when there is lack of food and water for people, volunteers’ need at such places is not less than a blessing for people.


Charities need to collect money to accomplish many purposes. They always remain in search of people who present their services as volunteers and help them to collect money.

Helping Disabled:

A volunteer can help disabled to move from one place to another. They can take them to hospitals, for shopping and the places they want to go.


When people migrate from one place to another, volunteers can help them to ease their burden. They can provide them with food and water. They can also help them by sharing their luggage while moving to someplace.


Benefit of volunteering

Benefits of volunteering

There are numerous benefits of volunteering. People adapt to volunteering for many reasons and in return, they get many benefits. People get individual as well as collective benefits of volunteering.

Boost up confidence:

Volunteering helps in boosting the confidence of a person. As a person tries to do something different and challenging and try to achieve a set goal, so it makes a person confident enough to take challenges in life.

Make challenging:

One of the best benefits of volunteering is to help a person to be more challenging than before. A person sometimes even risks his life to get the desired goal. This challenging nature helps a person to get success in life and never lose hope.

Social Circle:

Volunteering helps a person to enhance his social circle. A person meets new people through this journey and this helps in making contacts which is a beneficial step. This helps a person to be more courteous and make more new friends.

New skills:

Volunteering helps a person to learn new skills. It helps a person to increase his knowledge about various aspects of life which he was not aware of before volunteering. As a person does something for the first time and learns the whole process through this journey. It helps him throughout his life. He never ends up learning due to this habit of learning.

Enhances experience:

Volunteering helps a person to get experience about the things he practices. As through volunteering, a person can get more knowledge & skills about things because he does those practically. This knowledge makes him perfect and as a result of it, a person can adopt that skill as a profession as well. The knowledge and experience he gets through volunteering help him a lot to excel in his life.

Selection of career path:

Benefits of volunteering involve changing of his career. If a person gets more proficient in some skill and can change his career path accordingly. Even if a person finds something more interesting than the work he does on daily basis, he can switch to that interesting thing.               

Identification of interest:

Volunteering helps the person to find out his passion. People do the things with more passion in which they find more interest. This helps them to find out their real passion.            

Help to strengthen old relationship:

Firstly, volunteering makes a person more courteous than before. Secondly, if two-three friends work together, it helps them to strengthen their relationships.

Sense of purpose:

Volunteering involves a real purpose which a person finds out after doing volunteer job. A volunteer gets a nature to resolve issues and to worry less about things. This thing comes with experience.

Health conscious:

The volunteer becomes more health conscious than before as this job needs more physical activity. A person knows that he has to help others and for this, they need complete health. So people try their best to stay healthy and strong.

Help representative:

Another valuable benefit of volunteering is making a person an agent of help. Whenever a person needs any help, volunteers feel it their duty to help the person in need. This thing makes them more conscious. They always stay alert. They know how to cope with the problems and present the more suitable issues.

Makes part of the community:

Volunteering helps a person to stay in contact with the people of his community. People share knowledge or information with each other. This thing makes volunteers aware of the issue of the society. It makes people more realistic about things.  People find reasons for their survival.

Peace of mind and spreading happiness:

Volunteers help the people to socialize with other people. They bring out people from their depression. People feel good when they meet other people. This helps volunteers to stay happy by sharing happiness.

Benefits of volunteering help not only the society to grow but also help the individual to stay healthy, positive and more helpful than before.

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